My rating scale

Pattern Review Rating:

I’ve decided to start assigning a rating when I review patterns.  I wanted to quantify my thoughts on a pattern to help myself look back on which patterns I thought were best.  Below is how I plan to determine my rating…because what good is a rating if it’s all wishy washy and has no guidelines!

3 points available for drafting.

  • I deduct point(s) if pieces don’t fit together nicely or match to markings.

3 points available for instruction details.

  • I deduct point(s) if the pattern assumes knowledge or misses/has unclear steps.

2 points available for fit on my body.

  • Even if it does not fit my specific body shape without needing adjustments the pattern can be granted these points if there is markings on pattern, instruction details/ (or in a detailed sew-along) to assist with me adjusting the pattern to fit me.

1 point available for fabric recommendations provided.

  • I will deduct this point if recommendations are not provided or if I use a recommended fabric and it does not work well for the pattern.

.5 point available for the accuracy of difficulty rating stated on the pattern.

.5 points available for the accuracy of stated materials requirements.

  • I will deduct a half point if stated fabric is inaccurate  (overstated by greater than .25 meters) or if required notions are not stated/inaccurate.