My Measurements

For the purposes of comparing how a garment/pattern fits my measurements are below.

I am quite a shorty at 5’2″ with longer legs (31″ inseam) and a petite torso (14.5″ back waist length).  One piece items are difficult for me since I am smaller on my upper body then, after a very short torso, I suddenly transition to a lower body that is a couple of sizes larger with “regular” length legs.

I’ll update the below, leaving historical measurements, when anything changes significantly.

As of January 2016:

  • 35″ – High Bust
  • 38″ – Full Bust (sometimes up to 39″depending on the day)
  • 32″ – Under Bust
  • 33″ – Waist at narrowest point
  • 44″ – Full Hip (includes stomach protrusion)
  • 42″ – Hips at fullest point
  • Bra Size 32D or 34C depending on the day and brand.