About Anemone


Anemone (aka Anne) is a Solutions Analyst by day and dabbler of many hobbies by night.  She loves all things creative (sewing, knitting, drawing, cooking, gardening, cheese making, fermenting, card making…) and always has some crazy project on the go.

Anemone lives in a lovely, creaky, roomy, old house within a village in Saskatchewan, Canada with her better half and 2 puppies.



She loved to sew in high school and even took a Home Economics sewing course via correspondence when there was a conflict with photography/woodworking one year.

As an adult other things distracted from sewing and it had been a few years since she sewed on a regular basis.  Now, happily, her craft room is set up and she is taking the time to sew more regularly!  In her quest for new sewing projects and to keep herself motivated she has decided to start this blog.  She hopes that tracking her improving skills, project costs and what interests her most will be helpful to look back on.

Want to get in touch?  Please use the below contact form to e-mail me.  I’d love to hear from you!

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