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A wonderful vacation and my Winslow Culottes

I just got home from a lovely road trip out to Creston, British Columbia.  We had a lovely time and enjoyed both the leisurely trip and many a Scrabble game with N’s grandma once we arrived.  This time we decided not to make the trip in one long 12 hour drive and only went as far as Lethbridge, AB on the first day.  We had the opportunity to visit the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden and discover that Lethbridge has a dumpling house!  Mmmmm dumplings…

Windslow wind cropped

On the day we visited the garden I wore my new Winslow Culottes.  This is a brand new pattern, from Helen’s Closet, to be released at the end of this month and I was lucky enough to be included in the group of pattern testers.  I’m so glad because it meant I had this lovely knee length version in a linen/rayon blend to wear on my vacation.  They were the perfect item for vacation wear!

I thought they might be a wrinkled mess from my suitcase but this linen pair actually unpacked so nicely I didn’t even have to iron them.  They were fantastic to have on the first energetic day of our trip.  I wore them through a casual breakfast, wandering the Japanese gardens for several hour, touring Fort Macleod and ended the day having supper at a fancy restaurant in Fernie still wearing them.  They were so comfortable for all these activities and I loved having a garment that didn’t seem out of place in either casual settings or a classier restaurant.

It was quite hot out (gave myself a sunburn, oops) and was nice to have the breezy-ness of a skirt yet not have my thighs rub or stick together.  I seriously dislike that feeling and rarely wear skirts because of it.  Something I didn’t realize about Lethbridge is how windy it is there!  Needless to say it was  beneficial to not worry about a skirt blowing up and embarrassing me.

Winslow on a garden bench

I don’t tend to sit in a prim and proper ladylike manner as is required in skirts.  So nice to be able to sit cross legged or tuck my foot under one leg as is my norm.

Winslow cross-legged rock sitting

I’ll be posting a review of this pattern later once the final version comes out.  I actually have a second pair already, in the palazzo pant view of the pattern, but haven’t got pictures I’m happy with yet.  Since I’m planning to make a 3rd pair (in black or grey for a comfy work week basic) I figured I’d wait and do a proper review on the final version of the pattern.  However I couldn’t wait to share my perfect linen pair along with some vacation pics!

**update** The Winslow Culottes pattern was just released today (June 27/2016) and can be found here and at 20% off for the next week!

Without further ado here are some vacation photos mostly of the Japanese garden which was so beautiful:

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