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The Vienna Tank, the best of both worlds…

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I’ve been pattern testing again! Itch to Stitch has another new pattern just released today. I have no idea how Kennis gets such fantastic patterns ready so rapidly! It’s certainly not because they are simplistic, since they always seem to have great design features, detailed instructions and sewing techniques/details that teach me and get a fabulous ready-to-wear look.

Navy Floral Vienna bow

The Vienna Tank is no exception to this standard. There are 2 views, one with ruffles and a contrast of reversed fabric down the center front and then the more basic view B, which I made, with no ruffles. Most exciting of all is that the pattern will work with either knits or woven below the yoke. Since it uses such small amounts of fabric it is awesome for using up those bits of fabric that are too big to toss but too little for most adult patterns. The size 8 view B that I chose was cut from just a 20″ length of woven and a 24″ length of jersey knit!  That o.5m of woven was cutting it a bit close though, for the yoke, so next time I’ll get a bit more if I’m buying specifically for this pattern.

Navy Floral Vienna back side 2

The pattern was initially just for knits below the yoke but Kennis had some testers, up to a C cup, trying it with woven. I haven’t made a woven version just yet but seeing all other tester’s versions it is certainly on my list! Actually view A is on my list too. I didn’t think the neck ruffle were for me but I saw a version in a beige/grey and the ruffle are such a nice touch for a neutral top. Also Anya made this all woven Vienna in red with the ruffled neck…I want to snag it for me!! So very pretty.

I love the ties on this top. They look just as good open as they do tied in a pretty bow. I also plan to try a version without the tie so it just has the split neckline. While we are on the topic of hacks, I think there are plenty that can apply to this top. One of the other testers already made it into a midi dress with a split hem. I’m planning a tunic length version to wear with leggings. Then of course you can play with hem types adding a curved hem, a band or lettuce hem.  You can see all the amazing and beautiful tester’s versions here in the Itch to Stitch pattern release post.

My first test version of this tank is this brown and turquoise number. It has a band on the bottom since I choose to shorten before cutting by 2 inches. I have a short torso so it is quite normal for me to chop length but in this case it was not needed. So be warned, if you are used to shortening length in your tops, this pattern may not need it! Better to cut the original length and possibly end up taking a bigger hem or trimming the bottom. The band looks ok but I really prefer my blue version where I did not make any shortening adjustment. It hits me at the high hip just as intended and hangs beautifully.

Since I didn’t need to shorten this pattern the only adjustment made in my navy blue floral version was to take a 1″ wedge out of the back yoke.   I noticed I was getting some gaping in the back neckline of my first brown/turquoise version.  This is a normal adjustment for me to make to woven patterns.  I’m not certain quite what causes me to need this adjustment but if anybody can tell looking at my pictures I’d love to know.  There is so much I need to learn about fitting…

Navy Floral Vienna silly pose

One final thing to note.  My brown top is from the first test version of the pattern and the armholes are slightly snugger than the final pattern that was released.  Seeing test versions, Kennis decided the armhole was a bit small, especially for woven versions) and lowered it slightly.  The blue version shows the final armhole size which still fits very nicely!  I feel so lucky to have been included in testing again and had such fun working with the group of amazing testers!

Navy Floral Vienna front bow

Garment Cost – Brown Turquoise Version $8.34 CAD (costs include taxes)
  • .5 m brown/turquoise mystery fabric (rayon?) $2.30 – Fabricland
  • .6 m brown bamboo spandex jersey knit $5.54 – Fabricland
  • thread $0.50
Garment Cost – Navy Floral Version $9.74 CAD (costs include taxes, shipping, exchange & duties)
  • .5 m floral rayon challis $5.94 – Fabricland
  • .6 m navy rayon spandex jersey knit $3.30 – Fabricland
  • thread $0.50
Pattern cost $0.00 CAD (I received this pattern free for testing)
  • The base cost of the pattern is $10 USD at Itch to Stitch but this week you can get it for $8 since it’s 20% off for a release sale!
Size chosen and modifications made:
  • Size 8 chosen based on my measurements.
  • After seeing the fit of my first version I made my 2nd version with no shortening and a small 1.25 total wedge taken from the back bodice.
What I liked
  • Stash buster pattern to use up all my little bits of fabric.
  • Great potential for hacks.
  • Can be used for both woven and knits.
What I disliked
  • I tried really hard to think of a negative and can’t.  So not like me! This pattern goes together very nicely and I got a great result which looks like I bought it in a store.
My rating for this pattern is 10/10

The pieces fit together perfectly, fabric requirements are accurate and the instructions have great details and pictures that make sense to me.  There is a couple of tricky bits, like doing understitching inside the assembled yoke and getting the tie sewed on nicely, but the pattern is rated as intermediate so these tricky bits are not unexpected.  I got a great fit using the size my measurements indicated even with my D cup chest.  I can’t even think of anything I dislike about the pattern so, yeah, gotta give it the best rating…and make it more times!  Better bet you’ll see more posts later of me using this pattern.  🙂

Next time
  • Try an all woven version.
  • Hack to be tunic length possibly with split sides.
  • Hack to have a curved hemline.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on an Itch to Stitch link within my post and end up buying a pattern I will receive some moola to fund my sewing projects, thank-you! My reviews and thought are my own but I realize receiving compensation can impact opinions, whether consciously or unconsciously.  If you hate affiliate links you a can click this non-affiliate link to go take a look…cuz this pattern is fab!

6 thoughts on “The Vienna Tank, the best of both worlds…

    1. Thanks Lena! I’m not so secretly hoping to convert you to garment sewing so I’ll know somebody else in real life who sews clothing! Hehe 😀


    1. Thanks Helen! I’m really happy with how my fabric selection worked on this one 😃 Love when the vision in my head works in reality!


  1. I like your two versions of this pattern. The back neck issue may be a high round back problem. If you can get the book or DVD by Palmer/Pletsch called “Fit For Real People”; they have a section in the book that discusses this and what you need to do to fix this.The wedge you took out seems to work okay as well.


    1. Thank-you so much for your suggestion! I really need to get that book! I had it on my Christmas list but it wasn’t among the amazing things Santa brought and I keep forgetting to go check the bookstore. It sounds like it helps a lot of people figure out fit and I know almost nothing so a good fitting resource will be worth my money.


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