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In progress…on a few things

It is known that I’m bad at completing one project before I start on another. I try to work on this weakness (perhaps not so successfully 😜) in some aspects of my life but in my sewing/craft projects I don’t really care if I have a few things going at once. I don’t think it matters if I bounce back and forth between projects.  It’s supposed to be fun so I choose to let myself work on whatever strikes my fancy on a sewing day.

I have been working on my coat:

I’m at the point where I need to make a lining decision between basic Bemberg or something with a fun print. I also need to pick buttons but too many options are open to me, since everything goes with grey.  The weather was unseasonably warm last weekend so I just didn’t feel inspired to make these tough coat decisions when it was too warm out to even need a coat!!

Instead of progressing on my coat I decided to pull out the serger and work on a knit top.  I’ve been meaning to knock off this knit top for a while.  It’s a favourite that is a bit small for me now and has a couple of tiny holes in the knit fabric.
I drafted the pattern and have all but the hem done on a “me made version” of this tank in a dark brown jersey. I’ll post pictures once I’ve finalized and given it a wear.

I’ve also started on a completely new bra pattern which I purchase from MakeBra.  It’s quite different from the bras I’ve made so far and I’m interested to see how the fit is.  It was European sizing so I was a little uncertain on my size.


Lots on the go and I have my March undergarment goal too! 

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    1. The knits are going pretty well actually. I was a bit afraid of them myself. I’m glad you convinced me to get a walking foot when I was trying your quilt pattern, it’s handy for the knits too!


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