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A makeBra and 4 Watson Briefs

Despite the fact that I hadn’t planned to make another bra in March, here it is! I happened upon a new lingerie pattern maker at the end of February.  It was this pic on Pinterest that led me to  Make Bra, a Finnish company which has lingerie supplies, courses and several patterns for foam cup bras.… Continue reading A makeBra and 4 Watson Briefs

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In progress…on a few things

It is known that I’m bad at completing one project before I start on another. I try to work on this weakness (perhaps not so successfully 😜) in some aspects of my life but in my sewing/craft projects I don’t really care if I have a few things going at once. I don’t think it… Continue reading In progress…on a few things

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Coat update: Yuzu fit adjustments

It took me a couple of weekends to motivate myself to get back to working on my coat fitting.  It’s so much more fun to play with quick and pretty lingerie projects than to struggle with fitting issues. Here are some photos of my muslin #2 in which I had gone 2 sizes down at the… Continue reading Coat update: Yuzu fit adjustments