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Elan or a knock-off?

It’s almost the end of February and I wanted to meet my undergarment goal for the month and have a lace bra to submit for Emerald Erin’s Lace Month.  So re-tackling the Elan bra pattern, I drafted the adjustments I thought were needed based on my fist try of the pattern. And then I went… Continue reading Elan or a knock-off?

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Another Shelley and some Franken-Bra-ing

It was a four day weekend for me, thanks to the Family Day Stat holiday, so a fair bit of puttering about the sewing room was done.  I was keen to make another black bra made since my Elan attempt a couple of weeks ago didn’t work out. I had noticed, as I wore my… Continue reading Another Shelley and some Franken-Bra-ing

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Raglan Sleeve doubts…

I’ve got my muslin together for my Yuzu Coat.  It’s actually made out of some fleece I had kicking around, since I thought that would closer represent the weight of wool with Thinsulate interlining planned for my final cut. Now that I have the trial version sewn I’m feeling some doubts about the fit.  I… Continue reading Raglan Sleeve doubts…