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Memories for Eternity

This past weekend I pulled out some beautiful blue wool I got last winter.  I want to make this lovely newsboy hat and hoped I already owned something suitable.  Unfortunately I didn’t have anything chunky enough so I either need to go wool shopping or learn how to substitute for a different weight of yarn.

But, back to the beautiful blue wool! Unfortunately the lacey shawl pattern I’d originally chosen for the blue worsted was just not suited to the blurbs of time and level of attention I had last winter.  I tore out incorrect rows a couple of times before coming to that realization.  Maybe I just needed a better way of keeping track of where I was at when I set it down.  I guess I’d never knitted something complex enough to have problems keeping track before…  How do knitters normally do that?  Or do they just have better memories than me?

The blue wool has lured me in again and, past frustration mostly faded, I’ve picked an easier pattern.  This eternity scarf found on Ravelry still has a touch of lace but is much easier for me to keep track of.

My grandma taught me to knit and crochet when I was young.  Last year, a decade after I last knit anything, I realize I should have tried more complex projects while she was there to help me.  Also, I have this dreadful method (which I think Grandma tried to talk me out of – but I was a stubborn child with young little hands) where I basically prop my left needle against something and then my left hand is free to move the yarn around.  So now I’m trying to learn to knit “correctly” so my, not so young anymore, hands don’t cramp up.  The continental method seemed closer to what I currently did and, with the help of videos like this or this, I’ve managed to get a handle on knit stitches without “needle propping.”   Purling properly is proving much more difficult for me though!

I’ll continue to work on my technique but more importantly my knitting is relaxing, spent thinking back fondly on time with Grandma. I hope knitting will always remind me of those happy days.  My Grandma was amazing and I’m lucky to have so many wonderful memories of her and all the things she taught me.