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A Bra Challenge

In late 2014 I took my first dip into undergarment creation when I decided to make my own briefs. I traced patterns from my current RTW pairs with some successes and a couple of failures (which just came apart after only a few wears). I learned about fold over elastic, special lingerie elastics and the techniques for working with them.

In the hunt for special materials used in RTW briefs, I discovered blogs by people who were making their own bras! Cloth Habit got me started down the rabbit hole – she has so many great tutorials on her blog – and I used her Watson Bra pattern to make my very first bralette. It was such a great intro pattern and my success encouraged me to try my first underwired bra with a pattern from Bra-makers Supply. After 2 great successes I’m just wondering why I didn’t try this sooner!


Now that I’m “bitten by the bug”, I want to practice and perfect a couple of different patterns/styles for my size and shape. Earlier this month I saw Emerald Erin talking about her Bra-a-week Challenge and inviting others to take part with their own 2016 lingerie/swimwear/corsetry goals. So, I’ve decided follow her challenge and commit to my own Bra-a-month goal so I continue building my skills!

My 2016 Undergarment Goals for myself are:

  • Jan – done month 1 goal with the Shelley Bra!
  • Feb – try the Elan 645 bra pattern I already own, adding a foam cup.
  • Mar – make a pair of Colette tap pants or knickers and 4 pairs of briefs to match my new bras.
  • Apr – try a half-cup or plunge style bra.
  • May – make a swimsuit.
  • Jun – make a sports bra or a shirt with built-in bra
  • Jul – try the Sierra Bralette and make a pair of matching briefs.
  • Aug – make a corset muslin to determine adjustments specific to my shape.
  • Sep – make a wearable corset.
  • Oct – make a muslin of a bra for a friend and adjust for fit.
  • Nov – make a wearable bra for a friend.
  • Dec – make men’s briefs.


I’ve already started on the Elan bra I want to be completed for February.  This will be interesting since it is both a new to me pattern and I’ll be adding cut and sew foam cups by following this tutorial at Cloth Habit.


At the moment my cups are looking gigantic and rather pointy. Ok, I guess they don’t look as bad in the picture.  Trust me though, they seem gigantic and already I’m doubting this trial will go as smoothly as the first underwire bra.

You can see many beautiful items by others (and soon myself!) at Emerald Erin’s Bra-a-week Pinterest board.