Getting organized

My sewing room had been in a state of disarray ever since I moved. It’s only recently that I made headway in terms of getting it organized and let me say, that has helped drastically with my sewjo! Now I want to be in that room and it makes me feel happy rather than annoyed by the state it’s in.

When I was organizing, I realized there were several patterns I didn’t even remember owning and forgotten fabrics too! I’m not the only one this happens to, right? At any rate, I decided I needed a better way to organize my fabric. I’m now attaching these Fabric Notes to my current stash and new items I purchase.  This way I’ll remember when and where I got it, the price, if I had a plan for it for and if it’s already been washed. Sew happy!

Certainly one could make their own labels or simply jot on a scrap of paper. Such a good idea and this will help me a lot.

So, that helps with the fabric, but what to do about the patterns? A spreadsheet? I do love spreadsheets! But that seemed like a lot of work and I’d still end up at the fabric store thinking “I have a pattern that would work with this cute fabric I but how much fabric does it take?” Then, on some forum, or blog comments (really wish I remember where I saw this mentioned!), somebody said they used Trello to organize. So I checked it out…and love it!


I can have a “board” that is for sewing and in it as many “lists” as I want. In each “list” I create “cards” to which I can add attachments, labels, comments, checklists, due dates, etc. All I needed to do was snap a pic of the front and back of each pattern and attach to a “card”. I decided to make a list for each type of pattern such as skirts, shirts, pants. If a pattern falls in to multiple lists I just use the option to “duplicate card” and then it can be in both lists. They have a web version as well as an iOS app (not sure about android) so I’ll be able to look up any pattern on my phone and see a picture of the pattern back to get yardages, notions, etc!

I can also drag my patterns into a “list” for my sewing queue, moving them up and down the “list” as strikes my fancy. I even have a few “cards” for patterns I want to get.  Snap a pic/print screen put it in a “card” and use a label for “unowned” so I remember I desire this pattern. If I own a fabric I think is perfect for a particular pattern, I can just snap a pic of the fabric and attach to the pattern “card” so I remember later.

I can put a pic or comments if I’ve tried the pattern previously and label as to how many times I’ve used the pattern. The labels are great if, for example, I want to see patterns labelled as being for season “spring” I search that label and see only “cards” with that label on them. Or with a label for “# times used” I can see patterns I’ve used most often.

So by now you can all tell I’m a nerd, lol. But seriously, it’s so awesome to see all my patterns visually on my screen so I don’t forget them and what my plan was for them! I may make a list for fabric owned with pics so I can see without digging through drawers. Though that doesn’t provide the tactile inspiration of feeling the fabric so I’m undecided on that one.

What do you use for organizing patterns and fabric?  Please comment, I’d love to hear other methods!

Note: this isn’t a paid post or anything, I just really liked this app