Completed Projects · Pattern Review

That first project…

Well, I’m not completely happy with it but it’s completed so it counts.  I  did some things wrong though, so it wasn’t  just a bad pattern.  Why, oh why, did I choose a lined bodice for project #1?


I would make this pattern again with changes to the pattern to take out the gape I had in the back neckline.  I took out almost 2 inches along the back seam.  However, since it was such a large adjustment I think the fit would be nicer if I adjusted for that on the pattern with either back darts or some other method? I’ll have to research this. Sounds like this book, Fit for Real People, might help.

I’m not feeling photogenic today so my awesome $20 church sale dress form will pose instead. 😊


I ended up skipping a zipper, after struggling with putting it into bias cut fabric.  It has enough stretch to get on without the zipper.  Next time I’ll know to stabilize and/or pin in zipper while it hangs on dress form even though the pattern did not mention either method.  I also think the invisible zipper would be easier if sewn in prior to completing the back seam.

Total cost $15.74
  • Grey woven floral cotton $9
  • Brown woven cotton $2.24
  • Yellow rayon lining $4.5
Next time
  • Adjust for back neckline gape 1.5-2″
  • No band at waist
  • Topstitch around edge of neckline
  • Lace insert at cleavage?